Black History Month

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Black History Month To honor the contribution of the Black community is to acknowledge not only its resilience but also the systemic hurdles that painfully remain. In observance of Black History Month, Amanda Gorman’s poetry connects us to this perspective and the action we are called to. [...]

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Change Starts With Us

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Change Starts With Us How listening galvanized our organization into allyship and action The recent consecration of Juneteenth as a national holiday is an important acknowledgement of the past and a reminder of its implications. Though there is much more to be done to dismantle systemic racism and [...]

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Stop Asian Hate

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Stop Asian Hate Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have been the victims of discrimination since arriving in the United States. For more than 150 years, the AAPI community has suffered the myriad and harmful effects of bigotry including demeaning slurs, verbal and physical assaults, and killings at [...]

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Four Day Founder Hackathon Nurtures Budding BIPOC Entrepreneurs

By |2021-07-17T16:01:37-06:00March 10th, 2021|@changeforthebetter|

Four Day Founder Hackathon Nurtures Budding BIPOC Entrepreneurs There is promise in new ideas and an energy to the budding entrepreneur that is inspiring to be around. We are honored to have the opportunity to witness and mentor that energy in budding BIPOC entrepreneurs through our sponsorship [...]

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