Our Story

When Expressworks was founded in 1984, “change management” hadn’t entered the business lexicon. Our founding partners needed a simple way to describe their growing business, so they asked their clients for input. Here’s what they said: “You don’t sell us products – you help us get things done.” More than thirty years later, that’s still what we do, putting clients on the express route to meaningful business improvements. And if there’s been a common thread through the thousands of projects we’ve managed, it has been change.

To survive and grow, businesses have to change. But change is not a nebulous concept to be feared or tolerated. Change can be defined, quantified, and executed proactively. Change can be managed, and that’s what we do best.

Our change consultants provide the industry experience, third-party insight, and proven methods to help companies cut through complexity and achieve specific, measurable outcomes. Other consultancies could say the same, but we believe it’s our personal commitment that makes us different. We amplify our expertise with a genuine commitment to every project and every client. In the end, true change occurs because the people involved have committed to do what it takes to make it happen.

In a hyper-competitive world, winning is dependent on planning, implementing and sustaining change that results in shared success. That’s what it means to “get things done.”

Our Commitment to Clients

Our commitment is reflected in how we serve our clients and how we relate to our fellow consultants. These principles are what make our work successful, our relationships enjoyable, and our firm unique.

We are financially responsible, committed to serving as good stewards of our client’s budget.
Eliminating bureaucracy in our organization helps us bring simpler, more effective solutions to our clients.
We work well with others – with clients, with competitors, and among ourselves – because the best results are derived from diverse viewpoints.
We strive for the right balance of competency and chemistry to build trust and mutual respect with our clients.
Our consultants spend less time speculating and more time executing, which distinguishes us from competitors and creates superior value for clients.
The industries and companies we serve are constantly evolving, thus we continually sharpen our skills to present customized, innovative solutions.
Not content to coast on yesterday’s achievements, we work hard to raise the bar on every project we undertake.

Customer Stories

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In a very respectful manner, Expressworks Consultants ask questions that bring into focus what it is that we really want to achieve and what it is likely to mean to ourselves and our people.

President, Trading SBU

Our People

Every client project is unique, which is why we don’t (and you shouldn’t) hire consultants with matching resumes. Expressworks is a mosaic of more than 100 experts from diverse backgrounds, each with a different story to tell, yet bonded by a common vision, personal commitment and professional expertise. They come together in small, precision-built teams to provide exactly the knowledge and expertise our clients need to create change. 

The Expressworks network is multi-faceted, but our consultants do have some things in common: they’re great at what they do, they’re driven to succeed, and they know how to put a plan in motion. Our people aren’t just experienced in their fields, they’re technically savvy and adept at driving a project forward.

Through the years, we’ve learned that the working relationship between our clients and consultants is critical to overall satisfaction and success. So, just as our clients have a say in who they work with, our consultants get to choose which assignments they accept. It’s a policy of choice that ensures a good fit from the start, creates a stronger all-around effort and leads to better results in less time.

Our Leaders

John Quereto, Managing Partner

With 20 years of business consulting and leadership experience, John has a proven track record of successfully guiding organizations through strategic, system, process, and cultural changes. His expertise lies in the study of human behavior in business and implementing change in organizations both as an external consultant and as an internal leader of change initiatives. In addition to consulting client responsibilities, John is responsible for the internal operations of Expressworks.

Prior to joining Expressworks full-time, John served as chief operating officer of two California-based manufacturing firms, Avasoft and Pinnacle Equipment. He also spent five years as a management consultant with Accenture.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brigham Young University, and a master’s in organizational behavior from Brigham Young’s Marriott School of Management.

Stephen Zaruba, Managing Partner

Stephen brings more than 25 years of professional experience in integrated IT large-scale program and change management across a variety of industries. His comprehensive expertise in change management and performance improvement includes executive coaching, stakeholder management, benefits realization, organization strategy, organization design and deployment, training design and delivery and communication. His consulting achievements include delivery on eight major SAP ERP implementations, with overall delivery and P&L responsibility for two implementations. He also has extensive international, multi-cultural leadership experience gained through managing major, mixed client/consultant/contractor projects in the US, UK, Russia, Hungary, Malaysia and Czech Republic.

Prior to joining Expressworks in 2005, Stephen spent nearly 14 years with Accenture, ending his tenure there as a senior executive consultant.

Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in international management from Baylor University in Texas.

Meet Our Long-term Change Management Consultants

Change management consultants who join Expressworks tend to stick around, because the work is challenging and the rewards are fulfilling. Meet a few of the experts who have been with us for 10 years or more.

Shanna Brewer

Erin Bailey

Gail Burt

Laura Calaway

Marsha Caldwell

Paula Chronister

Janet Cooke

Eva Deignan

Carla DeMerritt

Michelle Forrester

Garth German

Thoraya Halhoul

Tony Harter

Juan Jimenez

Mark LaBranche

Ashley Lange

Samantha Leach

Vivian Li

John Lyden

Matthew Meiners

Darren Moeller

Flora Moon

Michelle Mortman

William Mouton

Natalie Oakes

Kathryn Ray

Craig Robinson

J.P. Rose

Christina Schurig Nieland

Jon Shuster

Nicole Vamvakias

Rick Walters

Esa Yu



What I like about Expressworks’ people is that they take complicated problems and provide simple solutions.

President, Oil TechCo

Our Methodology

An uncommon approach

It’s one thing to pontificate and propose impressive plans. It’s much harder to execute – to work with real people in the real world and deliver real change. That’s how we set ourselves apart. While the conceptual side of change is essential, it’s implementation that counts when your budget and reputation is on the line.

So how exactly do we make real change manageable?

We help you define the “what and why.” But more importantly, we show you “how.” We help you get your arms around the actual work of change, translating high-level strategy into concrete outcomes that make sense in your organization. We assign priorities and timetables, ensuring that the right work happens at the right time. And we set clearly defined, measurable goals, so we never mistake activity for achievement.

A proven methodology, customized to your needs

Words to live by: past performance is no guarantee of future success. We understand that every change initiative has different goals, involves different people, and must overcome different constraints. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Like a veteran coach with a brand new team, we bring a time-tested philosophy and a defined set of fundamentals that we apply to your specific challenges.

It starts with clear leadership, aligning process execution with program governance. We help you assign the appropriate resources to the most essential work, and ensure appropriate engagement and approval processes.

Execution takes place through a decision-driven process – planned and delivered logically, sequentially, and systematically – to ensure the cart doesn’t come before the horse. Our structured methodology helps your organization get ready for the change, execute the right plan, and make possible the alternate future you’re striving for.

What is the measure of success? A change initiative is working when it:

  • Accomplishes the original business intent.
  • Achieves or exceeds ROI targets, on-time, within budget.
  • Aligns behaviors and actions to business results.
  • Delivers high value to customers and satisfaction to employees.
  • Develops the capacity to adapt more quickly to future changes.
  • Creates an appetite for higher achievement—success breeds success.
  • Strengthens the organization’s effectiveness and competitive position.

Further reading:

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EWI-Web-Clear-Leadership EWI-Web-Decision Driven Process

Clients Served

The list of Expressworks clients is replete with household names – Fortune 500 companies and global industry leaders. But really, our clients aren’t faceless corporate entities. They are people. The visionaries within these companies who recognize the need for change, the functional leaders who direct the work, and the employees at every level who commit to making a difference.

Though our clients’ profiles may vary, their intentions are similar: to engage their teams in a better way of working so the business can flourish. They come to us for help because they know we’ll listen – really listen, to what makes their challenge unique. And they know we’ll provide the objective, expert guidance they need to get where they want to be.

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Chevron Corporation
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Phillips Petroleum
Royal Dutch Shell
Motiva Enterprises
Eli Lilly
Syntex Pharmaceuticals
Kaiser Permanente
Catholic Healthcare West
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Trigon Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Apple Computer, Inc.
Hewlett Packard
i2 Technologies
National Semiconductor Corporation
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
XEROX Corporation
Wells Fargo
Loral Space & Communications
Ford Aerospace
Dean Foods
Gap Inc.
Gilroy Foods, Inc. – A division of ConAgra
Ingersoll Rand
Pella Windows
United Airlines
RWD Technologies

Why Choose Us

We know we’re not the only change management consulting game in town. You have choices – good ones – for which firm you hire. And the truth is, Expressworks isn’t necessarily the perfect fit for every type of consulting project you can imagine (ever heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none?”). We specialize in change implementation, and yes, we are masters at that. Ask us why Expressworks might be right for your change initiative, and here’s what else we’d say.

2014 marked Expressworks’ 30th anniversary. Surprised? In that time we’ve led thousands of projects for dozens of major companies on six continents.
It’s not just our company name that’s seasoned. We take pride in hiring only consultants with significant industry experience and the success stories to prove it. For our clients, that amounts to “know-how to avoid rookie mistakes and get the job done right.”
We are neither a “boutique” nor a global consulting empire. We have more than 100 consultants throughout the country, with diverse, deep expertise doing the work they love.
It’s part of our culture to be forward-thinking and technically savvy. We know that connecting with the digital world isn’t about chasing the latest fad; it’s about knowing which technologies will deliver the results that matter.
We believe consulting should be more than concepts and philosophies. We draw on thorough research and hard numbers to guide our work and present you with measurable, concrete results.


We’re big enough to do this work and small enough to care deeply about it being successful.

Expressworks International